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About Jenny

Hi, I'm Jenny.  I'm an experienced personal trainer who has worked within the fitness/health and wellbeing industry for over 25 years.   I have always had a passion for fitness and enjoy nothing more than seeing first-hand the positive benefits that exercise has on both body and mind.  I thrive off passing on my knowledge and experience to my clients, whilst supporting them to succeed in their own personal health and fitness goals.  Giving people the know-how and the confidence to continue their active and healthy lifestyle gives me a great sense of pride in what I do for a living. 

I'm also not afraid of a challenge and love nothing more than seeing what my mind and body can achieve through dedication and training.  After having my children and in need of a challenge to regain my pre-baby body and test my own personal limits, I went on to compete in the world of athletic figure competitions and gained multiple titles to become both the British and World Figure Champion (stats below).  In recent years, I have mastered the technical skills associated with Crossfit and pushed my endurance levels to the max.  If there's something I can't do, I will keep going until I can do it!  It took me some time to master the technique of the ring muscle up and bar muscle up, a technical movement admired by many and with the help of a coach, I did it! I've taken part in Crossfit competitions also, I love the buzz of competing and although I would never get to compete at the Crossfit Games I've had many podium finishes and happy times (small things)!

What I love about training - There is something for everyone and you don't need to have a competitive spirit to reap the rewards of feeling fit, healthy and looking great!  Once you have grasped the key basics of good nutrition and exercise, there will be no stopping you because, there is nothing better than feeling good in your body and mind!


Competitive Success

1st Place
2002 ANB Central England 
2003 ANB East Coast 
2003 ANB British Finals 
2005 NPA British Finals 
2007 UIBBN Worlds Figure Champion
2007 NPA British Finals 
2007 BNBF Scottish 
2007 BNBF British Finals 
2009 BNBF British Finals
2012 UKBFF British Qualifier 
2012 UKBFF British Finals

2nd Place
2003 UIBBN Worlds 
2005 UIBBN Worlds

3rd Place
2009 Yorton Cup Pro Figure 
2009 UKBFF 
2012 DFAC Pro Worlds

Media Features

During Jenny's career she has featured in the following: 
BBC 1 Inside Out programme 
ITV Simply The Best 
Radio Leeds 
Closer Magazine 
News of World (Fabulous Mag - Perfect) 
Beef Magazine 
Stuart McRobert (Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Look Great) book 

Websites featured on:


Jenny always makes me feel I've achieved something...
The first time I trained with Jenny I couldn't sit down for nearly a week without yelping. Not a good start, but a fair indication of how badly I needed it. I was middle-aged, overweight and underfit, and I'd decided it was time to take myself in hand – or, better still, get somebody else to. I'd had a bit of experience with gyms and personal trainers and found the gyms tedious and the trainers had little experience, with even less interest in a middle-aged woman. I was so lucky to find Jenny. I couldn't be in better hands. She has so much experience, and it shows. She knows exactly the right moment to give a word (or two) of encouragement, when to stop counting up and start counting down, and just when enough is enough. It's reassuring to know there's someone watching to make sure you're doing the exercise right and are less likely to injure yourself, and she manages to get much more out of me than I'd ever do on my own. And it's never tedious. There's always different exercises to do, so I never know what I'll be getting from one week to the next. She's challenged me in ways I couldn't have imagined and has me doing things I would never have thought possible. I would never have believed I'd manage a single press-up and, while walking on a treadmill was never a problem, running was unthinkable. Now, though I'm never going to break any records, I'm heading towards twenty press-ups and can run (okay, jog) five kilometres without having to go for a lie-down in a darkened room afterwards. Jenny always makes me feel I've achieved something, even if it's only something small, so I come away feeling really good. And she's a lovely person to spend time with. Sometimes sitting down can still be a bit sore, but I no longer feel the need to yelp.
Elizabeth Paget