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The Tuffit has arrived!

I designed the Tuffit and supporting workouts to incorporate cardio and strength (resistance) work in the same programme.  The Tuffit is great for people who are unable to commit to the gym, or it can be used to compliment your training in-between sessions at home.

Cardio & resistance training – what’s it all about?

Cardio training (raising your heart rate) refers to exercising the cardio vascular system.  The heart is a muscle like any other and needs to be exercised to keep it strong. Long duration cardio (on a treadmill or cross trainer for example) is a great way to burn off some excess calories and raise the heart rate enough to give health benefits. However, long steady cardio only burns calories whilst you are actively working out.

In comparison, it’s well documented that resistance training continues to use up calories long after your workout is complete.  Following a challenging training session, the body works very hard to repair itself and build stronger muscles.  This process uses up lots of extra calories whilst you are actually doing nothing! 

Resistance training is an excellent way to build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints.  If carried out correctly, it can help to keep the skeletal frame in alignment and help with posture.  In addition, increasing lean mass is a great way to look toned and shapely. 

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Why combine?

Combining cardio and resistance is a great way to hype the metabolism (the rate at which your body burns fat).

It takes up less time than doing separate programmes, but retains all the benefits.  Why spend an hour just doing steady cardio when you can do both.

My experience from working with my clients is that combining cardio and resistance training is a great way to tone the body and reduce body fat and give all the associated health benefits in one workout.  Combining cardio and resistance work really is a fantastic way to keep fit and strong. 

Resistance training is such a great calorie burner and if controlling your weight is one of your goals then resistance training should most definitely be incorporated into your workouts. 

In addition, this way of working out is never going to be boring – the variety is endless!  The Tuffit programmes are meant to challenge both body and mind.  They keep you moving between resistance and cardio exercises giving you plenty to think about so you don’t get bored!  The workouts can also be tailored to be as challenging as you want them to be.

Let me know how you get on.



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Jenny always makes me feel I've achieved something...
The first time I trained with Jenny I couldn't sit down for nearly a week without yelping. Not a good start, but a fair indication of how badly I needed it. I was middle-aged, overweight and underfit, and I'd decided it was time to take myself in hand – or, better still, get somebody else to. I'd had a bit of experience with gyms and personal trainers and found the gyms tedious and the trainers had little experience, with even less interest in a middle-aged woman. I was so lucky to find Jenny. I couldn't be in better hands. She has so much experience, and it shows. She knows exactly the right moment to give a word (or two) of encouragement, when to stop counting up and start counting down, and just when enough is enough. It's reassuring to know there's someone watching to make sure you're doing the exercise right and are less likely to injure yourself, and she manages to get much more out of me than I'd ever do on my own. And it's never tedious. There's always different exercises to do, so I never know what I'll be getting from one week to the next. She's challenged me in ways I couldn't have imagined and has me doing things I would never have thought possible. I would never have believed I'd manage a single press-up and, while walking on a treadmill was never a problem, running was unthinkable. Now, though I'm never going to break any records, I'm heading towards twenty press-ups and can run (okay, jog) five kilometres without having to go for a lie-down in a darkened room afterwards. Jenny always makes me feel I've achieved something, even if it's only something small, so I come away feeling really good. And she's a lovely person to spend time with. Sometimes sitting down can still be a bit sore, but I no longer feel the need to yelp.
Elizabeth Paget