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"Jenny always makes me feel I've achieved something"
The first time I trained with Jenny I couldn't sit down for nearly a week without yelping. Not a good start, but a fair indication of how badly I needed it. I was middle-aged, overweight and underfit, and I'd decided it was time to take myself in hand – or, better still, get somebody else to. I'd had a bit of experience with gyms and personal trainers and found the gyms tedious and the trainers had little experience, with even less interest in a middle-aged woman. I was so lucky to find Jenny. I couldn't be in better hands. She has so much experience, and it shows. She knows exactly the right moment to give a word (or two) of encouragement, when to stop counting up and start counting down, and just when enough is enough. It's reassuring to know there's someone watching to make sure you're doing the exercise right and are less likely to injure yourself, and she manages to get much more out of me than I'd ever do on my own. And it's never tedious. There's always different exercises to do, so I never know what I'll be getting from one week to the next. She's challenged me in ways I couldn't have imagined and has me doing things I would never have thought possible. I would never have believed I'd manage a single press-up and, while walking on a treadmill was never a problem, running was unthinkable. Now, though I'm never going to break any records, I'm heading towards twenty press-ups and can run (okay, jog) five kilometres without having to go for a lie-down in a darkened room afterwards. Jenny always makes me feel I've achieved something, even if it's only something small, so I come away feeling really good. And she's a lovely person to spend time with. Sometimes sitting down can still be a bit sore, but I no longer feel the need to yelp.
Elizabeth Paget
"I cannot recommend her highly enough"
I have been training now with Jenny for 18months and can honesty say that my life is very different because of it. Before seeing Jenny I did not do any regular excercise ,I was overweight and suffering from an over active thyroid and high blood pressure. I had worked hard for 22 years and was really committed to my job. As a Managing Director work always came first and was a perfect excuse not to go to the gym. I am not a gym kind of person - I train with jenny in my scruffy old clothes and have developed a string of expletives that I regularly use just to remind her that actually this stuff is hard work ! I It was not easy to get into a routine and at first I dreaded going to my sessions but now I really look forward to it and on holiday even miss going. Jenny really pushes you hard to achieve results - but you do. My body shape has completely changed, I have lost weight - now a very comfortable size 12 and my health has improved immensely- largely because I am not as stressed as I used to be thanks to a regular excercise programme with jenny. If you are in any doubt about signing up with Jenny please feel free to contact me- I cannot recommend her highly enough even though I refer to her as the evil woman who gives me aches and pains !!
Liz Slater
"I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenny as a trainer"
Last year I reached a point where I was really unhappy with my body. The pounds had gradually crept on from working long hours sat behind a desk in a stressful job and my fitness was at an all-time low from doing hardly any exercise. I had a membership at a gym but never went as I was really bored always doing the same old routine on the weight machines and found the instructors neither knowledgable or helpful. I was really interested in doing free weights but didn't have a clue where to start and was also completely intimidated by all the sweaty groups of men crowding around the benches and posing in the mirror! I initially chose to work with Jenny because she is extremely well-qualified and experienced in strength training. What I've discovered since my first session with her is that Jenny is also warm and friendly; she genuinely cares deeply about her clients and supporting them to reach their goals. I've been training with Jenny for about 6 months now and haven't looked back. There's not been a session with her I haven't enjoyed, she constantly mixes things up and progresses our workouts to keep up the challenge knowing when to push and when to offer encouragement. My body shape has started to change, I've lost weight, increased muscle tone and my posture is improving. I've seen a big difference in my overall fitness levels - my hobby is dancing and my training with Jenny has increased my stamina so that I can now dance much longer meaning I've improved at that too. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenny as a trainer and would be more than happy for you to contact me if you have any questions.
Sarah H
"In the first 6 months of training with Jenny I placed 3rd at the Mike Williams NPA "
I looked jenny up in august 2012 with a view to completing in a figure competition. I had suffered a broken pelvis in a serious horse riding accident in June 2010, I had rehabilitated and amazingly returned to competitive running, after completing the London marathon in an amazing 3hrs and 42 minutes I earned my green card to run the next year in the elite group, I went on to run the Leeds half marathon taking 2nd place in my category, shortly after I suffered a major problem with my right calf a condition called compartmental syndrome linked to my accident. It put an immediate stop to long distance running. I needed a new challenge this is where jenny Garside happened. I looked her up and paid her a visit, I had been training with a few weights in my local gym and it had been suggested I should move into body building. Jenny was fantastic from the start she took control of my training plans and diet, it was a no nonsense approach and incredibly easy to follow, any problems or queries Jenny always made herself available offering amazing support. Jenny has taught me everything I know about the sport, I find it incredible just how with the best advice you can sculpt and change your body into something to be absolutely proud of, she has taught me symmetry and posing techniques which helped me to exceed my expectations and more. Jenny is a true professional and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve thier physique and a must for new competitors looking for a coach. In the first 6 months of training with Jenny I placed 3rd at the Mike Williams NPA show going on to take a respectable 2nd place at the British finals. I am currently still training with Jenny and with her expertise I am making improvements to my physique. I am competing again later this year.
Mrs Mandy BAMFORD figure competitor.
"She has not only transformed my body but the way I think about exercise"
I started coming to Jenny in the summer of 2014 after stumbling across her website on the internet. Years of eating badly, doing no exercise and working long and unsociable hours had left me feeling lethargic and unhappy in my body and I was in desperate need of whipping into shape – quite literally! I was struck by how friendly and approachable Jenny was when I met with her for my initial consultation. She immediately put me at my ease by explaining that I simply had to clean up my diet and build a bit more muscle tone and I would start to feel better. She set about devising an exercise plan and giving me advice on how to change what I was eating. I began to think that meeting her was one of the best things I could have done. As someone who has never really enjoyed exercise, I can honestly say that I have loved Jenny’s sessions. They are fun, varied and extremely challenging – and I always feel that I have achieved something at the end of each one. After a few months I really started to notice a difference in my muscle tone and general well-being. As an added bonus, my clothes started to feel a lot looser too, which was a big incentive to carry on. When Jenny took my measurements again in November – five months after we first met – I was thrilled to discover that my whole body had toned up and I had made significant progress in reducing my body fat. Working with Jenny is definitely one of the best decisions I have made. She has not only transformed my body but the way I think about exercise, as something which can be enjoyed. I also feel like I’ve gained a friend too. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Caroline Platt