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About Jenny

15 Years in the Fitness Industry

Age 41 
2 children aged 17 & 13 years 
Height 5ft 3” 
Off seasion weight - 126lbs 
Contest weight - 111lbs 

Jenny has been involved in fitness all of her life, she enjoyed competitive sports in school and especially enjoyed gymnastics. She went on to work within the fitness industry and has done so for over 15 years. Jenny works as a Personal Trainer and helps men and women to reach their goals whether they be weight loss, or general health and fitness. Jenny also trains figure girls to be the best they can be on stage.



Competitive Success

1st Place
2002 ANB Central England
2003 ANB East Coast 
2003 ANB British Finals
2005 NPA British Finals
2007 UIBBN Worlds Figure Champion
2007 NPA British Finals
2007 BNBF Scottish
2007 BNBF British Finals
2009 BNBF British Finals
2012 UKBFF British Qualifier
2012 UKBFF British Finals

2nd Place
2003 UIBBN Worlds
2005 UIBBN Worlds

3rd Place
2009 Yorton Cup Pro Figure
2009 UKBFF
2012 DFAC Pro Worlds



Media Features

During Jenny's career she has featured in the following: 
BBC 1 Inside Out programme 
ITV Simply The Best 
Radio Leeds 
Closer Magazine 
News of World (Fabulous Mag - Perfect) 
Beef Magazine 
Stuart McRobert (Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Look Great) book 

Websites featured on: